Our Engagement Story

Somebody pinch me because I feel like I’m living in a real-life fairy tale… WE’RE ENGAGED! A week ago Daniel asked me to marry him and I have never felt so sure about a decision in my life. I already knew at the end of our Cape Town trip that he was the one but had no idea that I would get confirmation of this within a few months. The feeling of being engaged is indescribable, I love that it expresses our full commitment to each other – something I have always valued.

30 December 2018 – Crawfords was on the cards for the weekend, to celebrate my birthday… or so I thought! We checked into the honeymoon suite, the large room had a serene feel and an incredible view of the beach. We ate well, drank colourful cocktails and went into full-on holiday mode. On the day of my birthday, we woke up early just as the sun started to rise. I noticed Daniel seemed a bit anxious, little did I know he was just nervous about what was to come. Outside the sun was blazing, perfect weather for a beach day. We spent the morning swimming in the sea and soaking up the summer sun. A few hours later Daniel went off to get us ice cream. This was soon to become one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. He appeared with two Magnums and sat down next to me. I opened mine and went in for a bite but instead, I was caught off guard and left completely speechless! The stunning ring was peeking out the top of my ice cream! Time stood still for a moment as we were both caught in a bubble of pure happiness. Daniel popped the question and of course, I said yes!

To my fiancé, I look forward to a life with you. You have taught me so much with your adventurous outlook on life, witty comments, and caring nature. You mean the world to me and every day you give me another reason to fall more in love with you. I love you Daniel ♡

My family approves too 😉

Cheers to our future together ♡ You make me so damn happy!

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – Eden Ahbez

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