A weekend away to Monterey

6 months have passed since my last blog post, and I finally felt like it was time to get the ball rolling again. Let me start with a surprise weekend away that took place in May! (Yes, I have a lot of catching up to do!) It was late spring, a Friday to be exact, when Daniel told me to pack a bag and informed that we would be heading out for the weekend. Not knowing what to expect, my eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. A scenic one hour drive followed – we drove along the coast, passing tall redwoods and pine trees, rolling hills and of course the sea side. This lead us to one of my favorite spots – Monterey! Not only is it the location setting of my favorite tv series, Big Little Lies, but there is just something about the picturesque bay that makes one feel content!

We arrived quite late that night which meant our first stop was to grab dinner. We headed to Del Monte outdoor mall, there we found a table at PF Changs restaurant. Our appetizer was a bowl of salted edamame, followed by a tasty main course. I relished in the Miso Glazed Salmon while sipping on a glass of Rosé. I can still remember how satisfied we felt after this delicious meal. While walking back to our hotel, the cool night air felt comforting and I couldn’t help but savor the moment.

Saturday came about and we made our way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I was astonished at the size of the large scale open sea exhibit! The marine life is well looked after and the animals seem to be thriving in their man made habitats.

Daniel and I were able to touch the Bat Rays, this was such a sensational experience! I was nervous at first but the rays in the aquarium are harmless. They didn’t seem to mind being touched, and felt smooth and slippery, just as expected. 

Strolling along we came across two charming sea otters! They were floating on the water in their very own swimming pool. They would dive deep down into the water and stay under just long enough for us to catch a glimpse. Full of energy and life, they darted around playful as ever!

The underwater section was fascinating! We were able to see a great deal of majestic jellyfish, lit up and floating up and down in their own little world. Time stood still while we admired these captivating creatures. We came across glittering schools of sardines swirling in a huge circle. It was mesmerizing and magical to take in! Cruising along side the school of fish, were two lazy sea turtles. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see two of them close up while snorkeling in Hawaii! They are definitely one of my favorite animals.

You can watch them on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Open Sea camera. Click here

After our aquarium excursion we walked around Cannery Row. Cute boutiques, restaurants and other hidden gems lined the sea side. We spotted a store called Vitality O2 and Aqua Massage. Next minute, we were sitting at the oxygen bar breathing in flavored O2! A 15 minute water massage soon followed and sealed the deal! We left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

On the Sunday, we took a relaxing ride in a Surrey along Fishermans Wharf in downtown Monterey. Relaxing for me but ahem… a workout for Daniel! Unfortunately he had to do most of the pedaling! (That day he joined the sweaty titty committee :P) It was a pleasant afternoon, soaking in the sun and watching people having fun at the beach.

All in all it was a phenomenal weekend, one I will never forget. Thank you to my wonderful husband who still gives me butterflies to this day! We both share a passion for travel – memories we will always treasure and talk about for years to come. I am so lucky to do life with you!

“Always take the scenic route”

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